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23 years old

Jim Wade Author

CasualX Website

CasualX is one of the leading dating apps with a touch of sensationalism. If you’re ever thinking of a dating app that will hook you up with a partner in an exciting way, then CasualX may just be what you’ve looking for. 

The casual encounters subsection gained a cult following for those experimenting in the wild west that was online casual hookup culture. More than 20 years went by and Craigslist personal ads maintained its status as the tried and true platform for those seeking one night stands or friends with benefits.  

In 2016, CasualX was developed as an alternative to Craigslist Personal Ads. Within five years of its existence, it has risen top as one of the biggest hookup apps in the market. In this article, I’ll be reviewing this app, its features.

 Scroll down to find out more about how Casualx works and how you can participate. 


Things to Consider Before Joining CasualX 

There are a few things you’ve got to bear in mind before you choose any dating app, including CasualX. Let’s take a look at them. 


#1. Privacy  

Privacy CasualX

Privacy remains one of the biggest concerns of anyone using dating mobile apps or site. You don’t want to see your name published somewhere after getting a hot date from these sites. 

CasualX maintains a high privacy policy. There are very few people complaining about their private information being used for one marketing strategy or the other. 

The only issue, however, is that to get a free gold membership of CasualX, you’d be required to share CasualX’s link on any of these social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Medium. That will surely tell your friends that you’re hooking up on CasualX. 


#2. Cost 

Most dating sites and apps are not technically free. They may offer free membership, but along the line, you may have to make in-app purchases.  

With the free version of CasualX, you can search for people, and you can message them too if there is a match. But you can say hi to that hot lady until she has liked your profile. 

To get around this and reach out to her before some other smoking hot dude does so, you would have to get the gold membership. 

The gold membership costs $14.99 – $54.99 a month. If you don’t have this money to pay, then you can leverage the free gold membership by sharing CasualX links on your social media platform. This freebie lasts for only a day. 


#3. Ease of Use 

When you try CasualX, you’ll feel like you’ve been using it all my life. It’s pretty similar to other apps you may have used like Tinder and other dating apps before. This app is pretty easy to use, even for a newbie. 

It employs the swipe and like technology, which is common with other dating apps. You don’t need to be tech-savvy to find your way around this app. 


#4. Fake Users 

Most dating sites and apps these days are filled with scammers and fraudsters. They pretend to be who they are not just to take advantage of unsuspecting victims. CasualX is much different, though.  


How to Register On CasualX App 

CasualX Registration

Casualx is free to download on both iOS and Android and has some in-app purchases available after download. You can sign up with your email address easily once you’ve downloaded the app. 


You’ll be asked to provide details such as age, gender, height, location, and who you’re looking for. Most importantly, you’ll fill in a username and password. 

The app offers plans ranging from $14.99 – $54.99. The app does offer a free gold membership for a limited time to users who share Casualx on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.  

 Users who share will earn 1-day of free gold membership for every 10 followers they have on the platform that they share on. Just email them a screenshot of your post and they will add the membership to your account. 


How does CasualX Work?  

Like many of the popular dating apps available today, Casualx uses the “swiping” method. If you are not already familiar with this feature, you open the app and begin viewing profiles.  

If you see a profile that intrigues you, simply swipe right to “like” the profile. If you’re not interested, swipe left. When two people swipe right on each other’s profile, a match is formed and the CasualX app will notify you of the good news.  

One unique feature that Casualx offers is the daily random match. Each day, the app will match you with a randomly selected user that you are able to chat with for free. This feature adds a bit of the mystery and intrigue that made Craigslist personal ads so popular. 

 A second important feature utilized by Casualx is the ability to create a private photo album. Due to the risque nature of the app, a private photo album provides a level of security to those wishing to share sexy pictures with their matches on the platform.  

Alas, no app or website is perfect when it comes to replacing the much loved personal ads. Casualx is still a new app and because of this, the dating pool available is still a bit restricted. Hopefully, the app gains more visibility and the member population grows so that users can have more options in their geographic area.  

Another improvement that app could make is the ability to chose a geographic range rather than one specific city at a time. Currently, users have to choose one city to search for matches in. Last but not least, the app does limit your number of daily swipes if you choose not to upgrade.  


Features and Benefits 

Let’s take a look at what makes folks go gaga about this app. Are you ready? 


#1. Meet Other Users Online 

One way that CasualX differs greatly with some social media platforms like Facebook is that you don’t necessarily need to come here and start searching for “people you may know.” 

Come on! Where is the fun in that? You probably love the feeling of getting to know someone new. 

CasualX leads you into a pool of people and allows you to make a pick based on what you see. If you find this cool, just as I do, then you’ll love this app. 


#2. Filtered Search 

You can filter your search according to your unique preferences. Unlike some apps that allow you to search only one location, you can search across a wider geographical area on CasualX.  

You also get to choose whether you’re in interested in a man, woman, or transgender. The entire searching filters include: 

  • Location 
  • Age range 
  • Show profiles that have photos 
  • Sorting by last online, newest, or distance. 


#3. Private Photo Album 

Imagine you have to upload your hot pictures from your phone each time you need to send them to any of your followers. It’ll be stressful, right?  

With Casual Private Photo Album, all you’ve got to do is to upload those photos into your CasualX and delete them from your phone if you don’t want anyone else to access it on your phone. 

Don’t give me that look. I know you love your privacy too. With the Private Photo Album, only those hotties who the pictures are meant for can see them. Just add them up and show them all you want without having to upload them afresh each time. 


#4. Meet Friends with Benefits 

CasualX works with one important principle of No Strings Attached. Let us say this; no one comes here looking for love or marriage. Folks come here to bang and move on with lives. 

That way, you don’t need to worry your head with the hurdles of relationships. You also don’t have to feel bad about it because the person you’re going to hook up with is thinking this same way. 


#5. Match Anonymously 

The excitement and thrill of any dating site is its ability to match fun-seekers anonymously. That means you get hooked up with someone you least expect.  

It’s pretty more exciting than having one person in mind. Let attraction meet attraction if the two of you like each other, viola!  

Frankly, this is where a bulk of the fun dwells. 


Social Proof 

You may search through the internet, different social media and review sites to see what people think about CasualX. There are a couple of negative feedback, but 98% of users claim they love it. 

These are screenshots of reviews from various users of the app across Reddit and other platforms. 



  • Exclusively for casual encounters 
  • Free to download 
  • Easy to use 
  • User-friendly 


  • Geographic restrictions. It’s not available in all countries 
  • Limited swipes until an upgrade 



Although Craigslist personal ads will forever be missed, Casualx is a great alternative for those looking for an adult dating app that exclusively caters to casual hookups. The app encourages people of all backgrounds and all sexual preferences to sign up and give it a try. In a world without Craigslist casual encounters, no-strings-attached online hookups are made possible with the Casualx app.