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paola delgado 

23 years old

Jim Wade Author

So you and your significant other are looking to spice things up? Swinging is a great way to do just that. When couples swing they get to have all the excitement of new sexual partners without having to sneak around to get it. Mixxxer is a popular adult swinger website. With so many different dating sites with their own nuances and niches, we wanted to figure out what sets Mixxxer apart. 

Mixxxer home page


Who is Mixxxer for? 

Mixxxer is a fully inclusive experience with tons of options when it comes to single or coupled members. During the signup process, you can choose if you are a single male or female, a heterosexual couple, a homosexual couple or transexual. 

Same sex relationships are more popular than ever with same-sex couples moving to specific cities all over the country. As the world becomes more accepting of homosexual relationships Mixxxer is ready to offer them all the same perks as straight couples. If same-sex couples want to swing or have casual sex this is the place for them. 

In order to participate in Mixxxer, you can be a couple or single interested in swinging or casual sex. Per their site they claim to be “the Tinder for sex.” If you’re looking for local hookups Mixxxer is for you. 


Is Mixxxer legit? 

From looking at the site homepage there is some indication that the site may be legit. The homepage mentions that they have been featured in some pretty notable places. Some of these places that featured Mixxxer are The Daily Dot, Cosmopolitan and MTV. We were about to find that these are legit, Mixxxer has also been featured in Cosmo. 

Mixxxer Screenshot

According to many reports, we still think that despite these accolades there are some things to be wary of. For one, Mixxxer used to have apps in both the Google and Apple apps stores. Since then it appears that the apps have been removed from both stores. This is an indication that something isn’t quite right. App stores don’t remove apps without good reason so they might be onto something.



Joining Mixxxer is surprisingly cheap. Like $19.99 for three months cheap. If you know anything about what it cost to join dating apps these days you’re probably aware that is super low. The fact that is so low might be a little bit suspicious so we wanted to do more digging to figure this out. Even Tinder cost $10 per month so this all sounds too good to be true. 

There is a free version of Mixxxer but it doesn’t have a ton of functionality. When you only have the free version you can’t message back to the people messaging you so you’ll have to pay up for things to continue. 


What should you expect?

Once you have signed up with the free version of Mixxxer you’ll start getting messages from locals looking to hook up. The people on the site are overall pretty attractive so you can see how you’d want to start messaging with them as soon as possible.

Following viewing the selection you’ll start getting messages. Now, this is kinda suspect. Usually on dating sites hot chicks or couples don’t just start messaging you out of the blue. In order to respond to the messages you’ll need to pay for a membership.

Now, this is where you need to keep your wits about you. Once you have paid and you begin interacting with members on the site you might feel like your connections are in authentic, and they very well may be. Be aware that sometimes dating apps use bots or automations to fabricate real-life interactions. If you were only looking for sexy back and forth chatting this may work for you but in regards to meeting to hook up this won’t. 


There are some reports that Mixxxer uses “live entertainers”. What this is referring to is real people that sit and chat with you all day long. Again, this might satiate some of your needs but certainly not all of them. This is not to say everyone on Mixxxer is fake. We can’t claim to know that for sure. What we can say is that you should always be on high alert when it comes to online dating. 


Terms and conditions: 

Mixxxer has done a great job of covering their tracks when it comes to their terms and conditions. What is really comes down to is a little sentence referring to “live entertainers.” Basically the site creates a loophole with verbiage like this. If they don’t provide you with the dating and hookups you paid for they can say that was not exactly what you paid for. Mixxxer has provided you with that in the sense that by chatting with live women you have been entertained. You can read more about their terms here



  • Mixxxer is cheap to use so on the off chance is it legit you may as well give it a try. 
  • The community is sex and swinger positive so they should be open to hook ups. 
  • You’ll see images of hot naked chicks regardless



  • Some of the profiles are bots or “live entertainers” so they might not have authentic reasons for messaging you. 
  • There isn’t any app functionality and the site is complicated to use. 
  • You have to pay to get messaging features.


From what we can tell Mixxxer gets mixed reviews at best, see what we did there. But really while the app version does seem to have some credibility in regards to it was reported on by notable sources. There has been many negative reports about Mixxxer but if you care to do your own research it will only cost you $19.99 for 3 months. At that rate you really don’t have much to lose so try it out.